Vegan Footwear For Every Season With Iron Fist

It’s been over four months since I went vegan. I’ve mentioned on my blog before that I still have a few products that aren’t vegan-friendly lying around. Most of which are too used to donate annoyingly. However, when I buy new products I try to buy from companies that are specifically vegan & cruelty-free (remember some products can be one and not the other sometimes!). It’s not always possible sometimes, but I do what I can.

One thing I’ve recently been focusing on at the moment is footwear. I had about six or seven pairs of leather shoes that I donated earlier this year. This caused me to look at the rest of my collection and also search for retailers that sell vegan footwear for future reference. One brand that kept coming up was Iron Fist.

As baby emo, Iron Fist were a brand I adored growing up. Home of quirky, inventive, gothic designs, they were the epitome of alternative fashion and not much has changed. Revisiting them now, I’m thrilled to see how much of it is vegan-friendly and even PETA approved. Ethical fashion doesn’t have to be boring and Iron Fist’s shoes are a perfect example of that.

Whether you’re a summer goth, or into pastel grunge or just like cool designs, there’s something for every season at Iron Fist.

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