4 Things I’m Doing To Try Get Back Into Writing

4 Things I’m Doing To Try Get Back Into Writing

I hope you enjoyed my bonus post on fertility awareness last week. It’s been fun trying to revisit past categories again and I want to try keep it up. If you look at the ‘sex’ category, the content is pretty sporadic. Hopefully that’ll all change soon and today I thought I’d share some things I’m doing to try get back into writing.

As somebody who kind of works two jobs (social media manager and writer), burnout is something that’s hard to avoid. I have a lot of issues with the blogging industry and at times it does genuinely get me down. However, I’ve managed to keep my blog regularly updated for a while now and wanted to share some things I’ll be doing to hopefully keep it up.

I’m slowly diving into old topics again

Like I mentioned above, I’m trying to delve back into writing about sex and periods again. The response to my post on FAM last week was good, which I think is a good indication. I explained in my Monki x Lunette review why I took a break from writing about these things, it’s been fun making a return.

I started a newsletter

They seem to be on trend at the moment, so I thought why not? I used to write one for my old blog that some of you may remember. I’ve also found myself struggling with an influx of thoughts and not knowing where to put them if that makes sense. You know ones that will be too long for a Twitter thread and too short for a blog post? I’ve kind of marketed my newsletter as an ‘unfiltered’ version where I can post these things. There’s some things you can’t really discuss without a day long debate on Twitter happening and who has the time? I’ve really been enjoying my newsletter. I’ve sent out two and both have been met with positive responses. They go out fortnightly on Sundays at 8pm, so the next one is 20th. You can sign up in the sidebar!

I’m trying to write elsewhere again

When I first started writing online, it was for other publications. In fact, my blog was just a place where I posted these reviews in case they ever got lost. I started off reviewing films, television shows and music videos for an online entertainment site. I’ve written for a number of online publications since (you can see a list here) and I do miss it sometimes. The last time I wrote for another publication was April 2016; I think I just went through this period where imposter syndrome became too much. I felt ready to return to writing elsewhere earlier this year, but had no luck with pitching. This piece on the language we use when discussing menstruation was rejected by three different publications.

However, I’m pleased to tell you I have some pieces in the works. I feel quite inspired again really!

I’m branching out into different interests

The most obvious one would be diving into the world of veganism. Funnily enough, I’ve started writing a lot more since going vegan. I quite like documenting things and I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey along the way. It’s a nice motivator and it’s also made me find a ton of other cool cruelty-free creators.

In addition to this, I’ve finally made a point of watching films again. Films for a lot of people are a great way to escape and I’ve really missed them. The last few months have just been non-stop and I really need to take more breaks. I recently logged back into Letterboxd (one of my favourite sites to use!) and was horrified by how quickly I gave up on the #52FilmsByWomen pledge. Those of you who received my latest newsletter will know that I’ve decided to return to it. I’m really enjoying it and I think I’m going to start talking about this on the blog too! After all, my film category hasn’t been touched since last year.

Running a blog is hard when you don’t always feel like writing, but I’m hoping these things will allow me to keep going 🙂


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  1. August 10, 2017 / 5:00 am

    I just signed up for your newsletter, because I am always so genuinely interested in what you have to say. You have such an amazing style of writing, and for some topics you really opened my eyes. Good luck getting out of your writing funk love xxx

    Melina | www.ivefoundwaldo.com

  2. August 11, 2017 / 10:51 am

    Burn out is so real. I’m still coming out the other side of it which is why my blog has been a tad quiet. It’s hard I find, to get the balance between work and rest. I’m so glad to hear you’re getting back into films. I love the escapism they bring. Looking forward to new content. Keep kicking ass, Tara! Xx

  3. August 11, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    I’m loving your newsletter and I’m super happy to see you writing posts in the period & sex categories again 🙂

    Watching movies used to be one of my favourite things to do, to help with my mental health and just because I love exploring different genres and directors. Whilst I was at university, I watched so many but since then my mental illness worsened and I’ve struggled to motivate myself to watch them! I’ve slowly starting to get back into watching them and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve missed them! x

    Sarah | www.raiin-monkey.blogspot.com

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