5 Ways Bloggers Can Use Instagram Galleries

5 Ways Bloggers Can Use Instagram Galleries

Instagram is a bit of a hot topic in the blogosphere at the moment. With the platform continuing to make changes nobody asked for, it’s a topic that is leaving many of us divided. For example, a lot of bloggers are participating in comment pods whilst others are just sticking with the old fashioned way. Neither of these are right or wrong, but it’s interesting to hear different people’s reasonings.

So… When Instagram dropped their latest feature last month, it was no surprise to see so many creatives talking about it. Instagram Galleries allows you to post up to 10 photos (or videos) in a single post. It’s pretty straight forward, you select the images you want to use and the app generates a slide-show for your followers to slide through. Up until this point, I had only seen this feature available to brands. You know those adverts that appear in your feed? Most of the ones on my feed use this feature.

My feed was, again, pretty divided on this topic. Some criticisms included:

  • They should listen to people’s concerns about the algorithm
  • Instagram Galleries are pointless, it’s always been about single uploads
  • Instagram is slowly becoming like Facebook

Again, these are all valid points and criticisms. However, I am personally glad this feature is available to people with smaller accounts. Why shouldn’t it be available to everyone? With the same style of photos becoming heavily used, I think this feature could help a lot us switch up our feeds.

Today I thought I’d share some ideas for bloggers looking to utilise this feature.

Outfit details

If there is one thing I’d like to see more of in fashion blogging, it’s outfit details. More often than not, these outfit of the day posts feature twenty different variations of the same shot. No shade, sometimes it’s hard to pick just a couple of shots. I imagine that’s even harder when you’re uploading to Instagram. But not anymore, you can show off your outfit head to toe with Instagram Galleries. I’d love to see more close-ups of accessories and footwear personally.

Beauty looks

There’s a few ways you can run with this suggestion, it’s up to you to get creative with it. Step-by-step and tutorials are always useful, especially if your readers don’t want to watch long videos. You could also use Instagram Galleries to show what products you used and a final look. Another fun idea is to feature different looks using the same products or one particular product.

Demos and ‘how to’ posts

I think this is where the real fun and creativity begins, influencers could really take ‘micro-blogging’ to a whole other level here. A lot of people turn to bloggers and influencers when looking to buy a product. Personally, I like to research a product and see what it does before buying. Whether it’s one of Lush’s latest bath bombs, a new gadget or something cool you’ve discovered, why not show somebody how they can use it too? Remember you can post multiple videos too.

Before and after shots

Gone are the days when you need a third party app to get multiple images in one frame. Before and after shots can feature just about anything, again get creative with it.


We all love a good haul, don’t we!


Have you used this new feature yet? Are you enjoying it?

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  1. March 13, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    I use the IG Galleries feature for my haul photos – as rather than posting 10 photos individually, as I would have done previously over a few days – I can now post all 10 at once and the next day move on to other content! I think it’s a handy feature, but it’s not one I’d use all the time.

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