A Couple’s Retreat at Bluestone Wales

A Couple’s Retreat at Bluestone Wales

Last month, I posted about not knowing what to take on a staycation. Well today, I’ll be telling you all about said staycation!

At the beginning of 2017, the lovely people at Bluestone Wales invited me to stay with them. During this time, we also decided that we wanted to see more of the UK. So when Bluestone offered us a five days in a cottage, we jumped at the opportunity.

The drive

Bluestone is a holiday park, located in Pembrokeshire. We first looked up trains because the idea of driving to Wales terrified me. It turns out we would have had to change multiple times and I don’t think the last stop was close to where we were staying. Plus it would have been near impossible to carry a week’s worth of food on multiple trains. We had to drive. Google Maps told us it would be four hours and I’ll be honest that made me anxious. The furthest I’ve ever driven is to Northamptonshire, but I figured I could drive anywhere after driving to Wales.

In the end, the drive wasn’t that bad. It’s pretty straight forward, you’re just on the M4 for what feels like forever. On the way there we stopped twice because I had my period (am I just going to bleed whenever I take a trip now?). We were on the road by 11am and got into Wales around 2ish. You get to drive over this huge beautiful, but expensive, bridge. The Severnbridge toll charge is £6.70. It was driving to the actual park that took the longest because it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Arriving at Bluestone

The long drive is worth it because Bluestone is gorgeous the moment you pull up. It’s also all really well thought out and so organised. Back in England, these things are normally a rage-inducing disaster. You drive up to a window and you’re given a complete breakdown of the park. We were handed a map and told where we had to go, tickets to the swimming pool, how to get the wifi etc. It was really informative!

You’re allowed to drive your car down to where you’re staying to drop things off, but after that it has to stay in the car park. To get around the park, you can walk or hire bikes/buggys. They pride themselves on being an eco-friendly park so cars aren’t allowed on site. If you have to get back to your car, it’s about a seven minute uphill walk.

The cottage

We stayed in a one bedroom cottage and it was darling! We had an open plan kitchen/living room, which is something I’d love to have one day. It’s spacious and all kitchen utensils are provided. We were excited to have a dishwasher for a week since we don’t have one back home. There’s a downstairs toilet, a TV and DVD player, as well as a hoover lying around. Upstairs was the real treat though. Both the bedroom and bathroom were much larger than we expected. The tub is absolute goals! Since I picked up a bunch of skincare stuff before I left, I had so much fun unwinding in this luxury bathroom.

The cottage was so lovely, we stayed in and cooked every night. If you order the premium wifi, the connection is decent enough to stream. Everyone gets standard wifi included, which is still okay but won’t allow you to stream. We watched Netflix at the dinner table some nights. The only thing I didn’t like about the cottage is that you will see people walk by and they will look in. It’s no big deal, we just ended up drawing the curtains earlier than we normally would.

The cottage is located within a village and there’s lots surrounding it. Pubs/restaurants, convenience stores, a playground for kids with a treehouse and even a coffee shop. We didn’t eat out so I’m not sure what the vegan options were like, but we did find some vegan ice cream in the convenience store! There was also a huge collection of Quorn stuff for veggies, which I thought was pretty impressive.

Our stay

It was really great to getaway and unplug for a bit. The park is quite family-orientated and there are lots of activities geared towards children. But this didn’t ruin our stay, in fact it didn’t really affect us in any way. For me, this trip was more about the staycation aspect of it. I wanted to do more relaxing than normal and play around with skincare. Iain is definitely more into nature walks than I am, so we kept a balance.

There are tons of outdoor activities you can do if you don’t mind paying. I couldn’t convince Iain to do any of the stuff that involves heights with me. Plus it was all  a bit out of our budget, so we stuck to the free things instead. We did a few nature walks around the park and explored with our cameras. It really helped me get out of my head a bit. The park is huge and there’s loads of random sculptures about. Even though it’s more kid-orientated, we still had fun.

Final thoughts

Although we really enjoyed our stay at Bluestone, I think five days was too long for us. Unless you’re in a big group, happy to just relax, or pay extra, you may need to venture out as well. We spend a day doing other stuff in Wales (more on that soon!) because we were running out of things to do onsite. We also went home a day earlier than we originally planned to as well, but it was still fun!


I was invited to Bluestone free of charge, but all opinions are my own. 



  1. May 2, 2017 / 5:31 pm

    What a lovely post. I live in North Wales and have actually holidayed at Bluestone with my family. Gorgeous x

  2. July 19, 2017 / 4:13 am

    Bluestone looks gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to stay in a cottage and this one sounds so so nice. That bath looks amazing too! It’s really nice that the park is eco-friendly and is in a naturalistic setting with lots of places to go walking and exploring. The uphill hike to the car park sounds a little annoying though. I love the photo you took of the tiny door in the tree 🙂 It made me think of fairies! It looks like a lovely place to stay if you need to get away and just relax – Sarah x

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