How did I get into blogging?

I am a Freelance Social Media Manager and Writer who lives in London with my boyfriend and our cat Buffy. Although my background is in film and television production, my passion has always been writing. During A-Level Film Studies, I created my first blog and discovered I had a real knack for it. Continuing to blog for years after that, I stumbled upon my first writing gig whilst searching through the ‘film’ tag on Tumblr. I plucked up the courage to submit part of my dissertation and landed myself a regular writing job at Sound on Sight (now known as PopOptiqand the rest is history!

Here’s some other things I’ve done

Since then I have gone on to write for a number of online entertainment sites such as: Portable.tv, Gotta Watch It, The Huffington Post, The F Word, Hello Giggles and more. In 2015, I founded my own online magazine with another woman. Zusterschap was fiercely feminist and no topics were off limits. At the height of its success, we had over 90 fantastic writers all sharing their own personal stories and helping us change the perceptions of what it means to be a woman. In just under a year, we were shortlisted for the ‘Best Relationships and Sex blog’ in the 2015 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and picked up ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2016 UK Blog Awards in the ‘Education’ category.

In 2015, I also led the viral response to controversial Protein World advertising campaign. Mine and Fiona Longmuir’s response to the advert achieved a reach of over 7 million impressions on Twitter and gained coverage on multiple online editorials including: BuzzFeed, Stylist, Metro and more. In addition to this, our protest has also been the subject of many think pieces, university lectures and was even featured in ITV Tonight’s ‘Summer Diets – Fact or Fiction’ episode.

About the blog

Cattitude & Co. started off as a feminist lifestyle blog. Passionate about offering an alternative to women’s lifestyle magazines, the site became known for posts about: feminism, sex, periods and more. Whilst it’s still essentially a feminist lifestyle blog, it’s slowly becoming more of an online diary. Here is where I share things that I’m up to, opinions I have, product recommendations and more. C&CO is trying to get back to basics, think less magazine-like and even more oversharing.

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