Gothic Luxury at The Chapel Townhouse, Brighton

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some gothic interior-style posts recently. For my birthday we went back to one of our favourite places, Brighton. Iain thought I needed to celebrate 25 in style and so we splurged a little on accommodation. Today I thought I’d tell you all about the place we stayed at, which is The Chapel Townhouse.

What is it?

The Chapel Townhouse is a beautiful one bedroom townhouse. I’d never stayed at a townhouse before, but I get the impression it’s like an additional property. It’s not where you live, but somewhere you stay when you’re in town. Iain and I have always said if money was no option, we’d have property in Brighton and visit more often. It was kind of nice to get a little glimpse of that.

However, this townhouse feels more like a hotel than an Airbnb. Outside the bedroom, there’s a little worktop with a sink. There’s also plates, a mini-fridge and some snacks. The property has this, a bed, a bath and a toilet that’s located downstairs. All you need and fancier than a hotel!

Where is it?

The townhouse is hidden in the heart of central Brighton. It’s actually in a really cool location. It’s opposite from arts venue Brighton dome and located next to some pubs. When you book, you’re sent an email with access codes. You have one for the gate and one for the door. It’s a much easier way of doing things, I was very impressed. It was really nice staying somewhere that feels more intimate and personal than a hotel.

What’s cool about it?

Everything! This was one of the best places we’ve ever stayed at. I’m a big fan of finding unique spaces, especially if they’re hidden or unknown. There is something in every inch of this place to admire.

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Our First Vegan Picnic

Back in June, we had a bit of a heatwave in London. We’re now in July and experiencing more cloud than we are sun. I guess that’s British weather for you! When it was nice and sunny, we decided to go for a picnic.

One of my favourite things about going vegan is trying to do things you would normally in a vegan-friendly way. In previous updates, I’ve written about replacing products, finding new pizza and trying new snacks. So, here’s how our vegan picnic went.

We went for a cycle

A picnic had been on the cards for a while, we were just waiting for the right weather. One sunny Saturday morning in June, we decided the day had come. It also happened to be the first day of my period too, fun! Even though I was sweltering, I layered up and popped my cup in. We decided to pick a location we hadn’t visited yet and was about half an hour away. I thought this would be a great way to build an appetite up!

We thought about what we’d normally have at a picnic and made it vegan

Since we were vegetarian beforehand, there aren’t many overwhelming differences. We used to get veggie cocktail sausages and Quorn scotch eggs. I’m sure there was some form of cheese present too. We just look for vegan alternatives, something similar, or make our own.

We tried to pick things that were easy to transport

Luckily enough, I got a super cute picnic basket for my birthday years ago. This was its first outting since we’ve moved here and it stayed on my bike pretty well. It comes with cutlery and two glasses, which are held in place. There isn’t a huge amount of room in there, but you’d be surprised. We went for small things, so it could carry more. Here’s what we had:

  • Falafel wrap
  • Mini french stick (pre-made)
  • Crisps
  • Carrots
  • Hummus
  • Two cans of rubicon (not pictured)
  • Beer (not pictured)
  • Sweets/chocolate (not pictured)

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3 Things That Happened After I Got A Diagnosis

I briefly mentioned this in my birthday post, but I’ve recently been struggling to come to terms with a diagnosis. So many of you have been really lovely and helpful. It’s been a great reminder that I’m not alone and I really apprecriate that. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to speak candidly about all this.

For years now, I have struggled with my mental health. I have always known something isn’t quite right, but I never thought to get any help. I don’t know whether it’s fear, stigma, my persona, or my upbringing, but I thought I didn’t deserve help. As somebody who is strong-minded and high-functioning, I’ve always been taught to get on with things. The thought that there are people worse off than me has stopped me from seeking help for a long time.

Although this thought is still at the back of my mind, I recently decided to try do something about it. What led to this? I think I’m growing up and becoming more self-aware. Things haven’t gotten worse, I’m just more aware of signs and real sick of this horrible cycle I find myself in.

So, I went to see a doctor. I said some things I haven’t really said out loud before and I broke down. I left feeling really vulnerable, but ultimately it was a step I needed to take. They recommended me to a local ‘wellbeing service’ and I found myself on a waiting list for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

It was there I was met with a diagnosis. Here are three things that have happened since then:

“Feel my body shutting down, I don’t wanna hear a sound” – Clean Bandit, Marina and the Diamonds

I felt a bit broken

I didn’t realise it at the time, but a diagnosis was something I definitely needed. Like I said, I have struggled for ages and not really known what is wrong with me. I suspected I suffered from anxiety and I was right. However, depression was thrown into the mix too. I think this is the part I struggled with the most. Suddenly, these feelings and cycles I experience had a name. They seemed more real and even more scarier. I felt really broken and it was a lot to process. Anxiety and depression is a horrendous mix, I guess I just felt really overwhelmed by it all.

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Hippeas Are Basically Vegan Wotsits & They’re Great

If vegetable crisps aren’t your style, why not try Hippeas instead? That’s right, I’m back again with more vegan crisp recommendations.

What are Hippeas?

As the title tells you, I think Hippeas are essentially vegan wotsits. Pretty cool, right? Made from chickpeas and other ingredients, Hippeas are organic, high in fibre, gluten-free and vegan. In addition to that, they’re a good source of protein, free of additives or preservatives, and packed with good vibes!

Their mission is all about ‘peas, love & giving back’

They support Farm Africa, a charity that helps farmers become more climate-smart and productive. The thought behind this is that they can enable them to ‘grow their own way out of poverty’. Hippeas’ website also states that chickpeas are good for the planet too. Chickpea plants naturally release nitrogen back into the Earth as they grow!

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Cruelty-free + Vegan Makeup Brushes From Indy Luxe

Changing my hair up has inspired me to get a bit more adventurous with my style and makeup recently. Blue and pink are two colours that seem to go well with orange and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’ve been going through my products and seeing what’s vegan-friendly and what’s not too. The goal is for all the things I own to be suitable for vegans. This means I’ve been checking out new brands and exploring some options lately. The most recent one being cruelty-free and vegan makeup brushes from Indy Luxe!

Dedicated to bringing beauty lovers instagrammable beauty products, I ended up trying two of their sets. Full disclosure: I ordered a set at a discounted price and they were kind enough to throw in an extra one! Here’s what I thought of them.


When I first received the brushes, I didn’t really know what to think. The packaging is minimal to keep postage low, which means I didn’t know what I was opening until I saw them. I’m not really sure what I expected, but it was a nice surprise.

Rainbow set

The set I ordered was this gorgeous rainbow travel set. A lot of the brushes I own are quite plain, so this is a really nice change. They kind of change colour in different lights and really are the perfect size. I’m definitely going to take them on my next trip away. The bristles are all pretty shades too, I love that they’re all different.

Rose gold set

This set is more similar to its competitors, except they’re a lot bigger. These are some of the tallest brushes I own. The rose gold is the factor that’ll sway people the most and I can see why! They’re stunning and having the bristles two shades is a nice touch too.


Rainbow set

Like I said above, this set is a great size and really easy to use. I was a little skeptical at first and thought “how much can these little things do?” It turns out a lot! They’re quite dainty and I think that helped me apply makeup faster, it did with eyeshadow at least.

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