Purezza Is A Must For Pizza Lovers

Purezza Is A Must For Pizza Lovers

Earlier this week, I posted about our vegan adventures in Brighton. It was a really fun birthday trip, but the real highlight was plant-based pizza restaurant Purezza. As promised, here is my full write-up of this wonderful restaurant.

Tucked away on St James’ Street, Purezza became the UK’s first vegan pizzeria back in 2015. Their aim is to ‘revolutionise’ Italian food through cruelty-free ingredients and let me tell you, they’ve definitely achieved this!

When we arrived, we were seated in the nearest booth. It’s small but really cosy. There’s small cushions for your back and you feel the right amount of enclosed. Some restaurants booths can still feel very out in the open, but there is something really intimate about Purezza. It was the perfect setting for a birthday meal.

The decor itself is quite nice; there’s lots of unique pizza-related things on the wall. I also liked that it seemed like a place where you can go whatever the occasion. Whether it’s a date night, a catch-up with friends, or to spend some time with family. We couldn’t keep our eyes off this cute little sausage dog that was sitting on its owner’s lap whilst he ate.

The staff went above and beyond from the moment we arrived. They were super friendly, really informative and you can tell they are geniunely really passionate about what they do. They spent years developing their mozzarella and use a blend of rice milk, chickpeas and olive oil. It’s actually really enjoyable hearing all these cool tibits and facts about how your food is made, especially when you’re new to veganism. Alternatives always interest me and it’s mind blowing how simple some of them are! Purezza also offer raw cashew cheese, ricotta style cheese and a creamy coconut one too.

Everything on the menu looked so amazing and the staff helped us decide what to get. We went for two of their starters; their cheesy bites and focaccia strips. The cheesy bites were out of this world, you honestly wouldn’t know it wasn’t cheese. The strips came with a selection of dips that were all incredibly tasty. We had hummus, pesto and caramelised beet/onion. There was so much left over we used them with the pizza crusts too.

Now onto the main event, the pizza!

Although Purezza has a range of food on offer, we just had to go for pizza. As you may already know pizza plays a big part in our relationship and lives. It makes an appearance in nearly every period vlog! Purezza’s dough is based on a traditional family recipe. They make it fresh every day using a hemp flour and it’s left to mature 48 hours before being served. This apparently enhances both the flavour and digestibility.

Again, there is so much choice. All the pizzas sound amazing and some even have some quirky names. Iain went for the ‘Pesto Manifesto’ (a manifesto I can get on board with), which was just as good as the name promised. Fried courgettes and pine nuts are two toppings I definitely want to try again. So impressed with Purezza’s cheese I went for their four cheeses pizza, the aptly named ‘Cheesus’ (fun fact: Iain’s old Twitter handle used to include the word cheesus). In my experience, vegan pizza is just lighter. I can normally eat more of it. Purezza’s dough is amazing, it’s so fluffy and just so delicious. This is honestly the best pizza I’ve ever had. You’d be hard-pressed to find a meat or cheese pizza that will beat it I think.

We were pretty stuffed after filling up on sides, but we took the pizza home in a box. I’m a big fan of cold pizza for breakfast. Our server also twisted our arm and we ended up taking some brownies for the road too. I had them in bed after my fancy bath, it was such a lovely birthday.

Whether you’re vegan or not, I highly recommend Purezza. Ethical and tasty!


I was invited along to Purezza for a free meal, but all opinions are my own. 



  1. August 2, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    Thanks Tara, it was an honour to have you eat with us on your birthday, and thank you for the lovely review! See you again next time you’re in B-town!

  2. August 2, 2017 / 6:15 pm

    Ohh that looks SO yummy – especially that one with pesto looks amaaaazing! I was just in Brighton last weekend, but I’m sure I’ll be going back soon enough again, so I’ll definitely need to keep this place in mind! x

    Laura // www.middleofadventure.com

  3. Melissa
    August 2, 2017 / 9:21 pm

    Purezza is honestly incredible and the best vegan pizza I’ve ever tried. I remember being majorly sad when I went vegan, as pizza is my absolute fave (especially when I’m on my period), but I could never even dream of missing a dairy laden pizza now. Also another awesome post as usual ❤️

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