Social Media Services

Are you a brand or blogger who needs help with their social media? Hire me today!

Since taking the blogging world by storm, I have achieved the following:

  • Producing viral content and starting a discussion on subjects that are often seen as taboo
  • Increasing awareness of products that I am passionate about, having converted over a dozen women (and counting) to the Mooncup
  • Leading the viral response to controversial Protein World advertisement campaign, gaining a reach of 7 million impressions on Twitter, coverage on multiple editorials worldwide, and inspiring London’s mayor Sadiq Khan to ban body-shaming ads from London transport
  • Running award-winning blog, Zusterschap, and successfully building a community from across the globe

I have experience helping brands shape their strategy, increase awareness of a product, driving sales, as well creating content schedules and building relationships with bloggers.

Social Media Management For Brands

As a freelancer, I create content for brands interested in boosting their following and increasing engagement across multiple social media platforms. On a daily basis, I am managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest accounts for a wide range of different companies. I can also help with other accounts even if they are not listed above. I create and implement effective social strategy ranging from content creation, community management, paid advertising, blogger outreach and more. Different clients have different needs, I can consult with you or take over the accounts completely. Whatever you’d prefer!

Social Media Strategy For Bloggers

I also work with a lot of bloggers as well. Running a blog is hard work and sometimes life can get in the way. You can hire me to set up or optimise pages and I can also schedule content for you as well.

In addition to managing social media accounts for bloggers, I work with them on personalised strategy too. Think of it as a social media audit of sorts; I do an overhaul and take a real good look at as many accounts as you’d like. From there, I put together a thorough strategy for each platform in a neat branded document for you. This way you have a game plan you can always refer to. Prices depend on how many platforms you’d like me to take a look at.



Lace and Whimsy –
“After months of blogging, I finally got to a point where I was very proud of my blog and web presence. I was in love with my site, but wasn’t quite sure how to get others to find it so they could fall in love with it too! Knowing that Tara is a total social media guru, I asked her if she’d be willing to help me implement a social media strategy to give me a boost.

Tara not only gave me some great pointers, but compiled them all into a one-page infographic for me to keep at my desk. She really customized the strategy for my unique needs. Tara researched and compiled hashtags I should be taking advantage of on Twitter and times I should be posting. She really helped me find some blind spots of things I’d never even thought about promoting.

If you’re looking for personalized one-on-one attention to grow your brand or blog, I can’t recommend Tara enough! She’s your gal.”

Gatto Web – 
“Before I started working with Tara, the social media for my business was seriously neglected and I really needed someone with a bit of expertise to come in and take over. Tara was perfect for this and jumped into the task straight away.

She gives me regular updates keeping me informed on what’s happening engagement-wise and always lets me know if there is something I should be doing on my side of things. She even gave me the push to start blogging again and gave me some amazing post ideas!

I would highly recommend working with Tara; she is not only very professional but also lovely, which makes the working relationship incredibly easy.”

Scarlet Ladies Talk –
“We took Tara on as we needed someone to manage the social media accounts for growth and engagement. Whilst we had an idea on what we needed to do, we didn’t have enough time to do it all. Jannette had been following Tara for a while on social media so when the opportunity came we went directly to her, she embodied our values and is perfect for us. 

Tara came on board as a perfect addition and we saw immediate growth and interaction with our social media accounts. She supports us by providing an insight on things that needs to be done on our end. We now never have to worry about our social media accounts to see if the right posts are being posted and if she is sticking with our values. She amazing and we would be lost without her.” 


Ali Caitrin  – 
“I am really grateful for the help and support I received from Tara. Not only did she provide me with great suggestions for improving my blog’s SEO, but she also created some social media checklists for me to help make the most out of engaging with my followers.

I could tell that she went the extra mile to ensure that all my questions were answered whilst having my best interests at heart. I highly recommend Tara to help you take your understanding of digital marketing to the next level!”

Kitty Wenham  –
“Working with Tara was a really great experience. Her communication and dedication to the task was wonderful. After a few months of blogging at a steady pace, I wanted to up my game, and Tara helped me engage with social media in a much more focused and effective way.

Whilst her advert became one of my top sources of traffic. I’ve noticed a much larger and consistent flow of visitors since working with her. Highly recommended!”

Floral Etiquette –
I had come to a bit of a halt with my blog and seeing no growth in traffic but when Tara said she could help – especially with the social media blog schedule – I really started to understand what times were good to post and saw an improvement in traffic to my site.

I’d recommend Tara’s expertise for anyone feeling like their skills alone are a bit stale.


Eco Fluffy Mama – 
“Very professional, well priced and extremely easy to work with. I first started working with Tara a few months ago on a Twitter Strategy, and from there our working relationship has grown due to her attention to detail and great skills.

When I asked Tara to create a strategy for my Twitter account, I expected an email with a few bullet points. I wasn’t expecting my checklist/strategy to be presented as an image with my logo. Talk about personalised service! Since then I’ve gone on to advertise my blog on Tara’s site and she now manages my Twitter account. I’ve noticed a big increase in the interaction on my Twitter and traffic to my blog, and that is down to Tara’s very kick ass social media skills.”

Vicky Anderson –
“Tara really helped me with my social media content when I was at a low point and tempted to give up on my blog. She’s professional, friendly and creates great original content. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Fruit Salad Blog –
“Before working with Tara, I was confused and feeling very defeated with the next direction my blog needed. She gave me tailored advice with in depth research into my niche, so I could relaunch my blog confidently. She is a real god send in the blogger community!”

Petticoats and Patriarchy –
“I can honestly say working with Tara has been an absolute joy. Her audit of my blog and social media accounts really helped me refine my content as well as boost my social media presence. Without her management my Facebook page would literally be non-existent.  From day one it was clear that this was a true partnership, and I felt that Tara really wanted to see my blog and social media succeed. She kept my social media channels thriving when I was too busy to even log into them, and has helped me build a community from the ground up. Her expertise has been invaluable, and I’m excited to work with Tara again in the future.”

If you are interested in any of the above, please email me: If there is anything I can do to specialise your package to help you achieve the best results, please do let me know!